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Become an Approved Franchisee

Approved Mortgage Brokers NZ Franchise Business Opportunity

Passive Income, Capital Gain for Approved NZ Mortgage Brokers

With NZ house sales reaching record figures, it's no wonder Yellow Pages is full of ads for mortgage brokers. So when it looks like an easy business to enter, why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for an Approved Mortgage Brokers franchise? "The answers are simple," smiles the company's CEO Dave Shatford. "First of all, we're a young, growing company which offers the flexibility which isn't always possible with larger or older-established companies. Secondly, we've got a really strong presence in Auckland which is where so many of the country's house sales are happening. "And the third most important factor is our ability to differentiate ourselves through the training and ongoing support we give new franchisees, which we think is the very best in the industry. It all adds up to a thoroughly effective package for Approved Mortgage Brokers New Zealand franchisees."

Dave says that service perception is all important in the mortgage broking industry. "Yes, of course we have spent a lot of money developing software that lets us compare mortgage products from different banks,' he says. "But so have other leading brokers. The difference often comes down to the way you present yourself and your product. We want to ensure that our franchises provide the best possible product in the best possible way." For that reason, new franchisees now complete Approved's four week, full-time course, which is fully accredited by the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association.


Dave said that New Zealanders' continued desire to own and invest in property, coupled with an increasing recognition of the value of mortgage brokers has created a strong demand for their services.

"In 1991 only one per cent of mortgages were placed through mortgage brokers - now that number is around 30 per cent." he said.

"We are definitely following the trends of other countries worldwide in terms of a growing use of mortgage brokers. In Australia for example, the figure is around 40 per cent while in the US it's nearly 70 per cent."

Dave said Approved Mortgage Brokers franchises were currently in Auckland and Wellington but they are looking to increase their presence in many other regions as well.

Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin have been earmarked for new franchises, with several other regions also being considered, he said.

Approved Mortgage Brokers was founded in 1996 by Wellington school friends Karl Baker and Lawrence Diack. Since then they have written over half a billion dollars worth of mortgages and have 12 franchises with 15 mortgage brokers nationwide.

Passive Income

AMB franchisees receive their principal income from arranging mortgage on the most favourable terms for their clients. "As franchisees build up their client base they not only receive fees for each mortgage arranged but can also create a passive income for themselves," explains CEO Dave Shatford. "This happens because the franchisee continues to receive an annual commission from the bank that advances the finance. The average amount of this commission is around 0.20% per year on the outstanding balance." He said "Once you decide how big a passive income you want, it's easy to calculate how long it will take to reach that goal."

Capital Gain

But wait, there's more, said Dave. Approved Mortgage Brokers emphasises the fact that its franchisees are owners of their own businesses. "By developing a good client base, franchisees are generating more business and new referrals. They have the passive income too, and all these factors work together to build a sizeable - and saleable - asset when eventually, the franchisee comes to sell. This can represent a nice capital gain.

Another factor which has a major impact on the value of the franchisee's business is the fact that, unlike some other franchises, Approved Mortgage Brokers franchisees are permitted to employ staff. "Some of our franchisees already have partners working with them in the business and we really encourage this support base," said Dave. "Of course they need to be properly trained as well, but by employing people franchisees can build the business far beyond what they are able to achieve in their own time." The company also encourages franchisees to offer mortgage protection insurance. "We regard this as an important part of our professional service," he says. "Our clients are investing a great deal of money in their properties, and we like to see the investment property protected." Mortgage protection insurance also offers an additional return to the franchisee.

It was the combination of all these factor s that attracted franchisee Sunny Andrews "We looked at four different mortgage broking franchises and felt that Approved Mortgage Brokers was the most flexible and the clearest in presenting the facts," says Sunny. "As a result, we were very happy about trusting them."

We provide comprehensive training to you

General Manager Training and Development, Lawrence Diack, said "Approved have a comprehensive training programme for new franchisees and they are all required to be members of the NZMBA (New Zealand Mortgage Broking Association). Approved also have proven systems to ensure the service we offer is professional and in line with customer's needs."

Seize the opportunity of a young and growing NZ mortgage broking industry

Approved is keen to appoint new franchisees in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch for the next training course which begins later this year. There are still plenty of opportunities for Mortgage Brokers in this young and growing industry."

The investment required to become an Approved franchisee is $30,000 plus GST.

What training do you offer if I purchase a franchise?

Our objective is to make our franchisees successful as soon as possible and we pride ourselves on our comprehensive training we provide. This includes not only intense initial training, but on-going mentoring and support as follows:

  • Two week in-house training course
  • Two weeks of joint field work and support
  • Training course on software developed specifically for Mortgage Brokers
  • External and independent 2 day Mortgage Brokers training course
  • External and independent 2 day Insurance Brokers training course
  • Post training mentoring and support

What do you get from having an Approved franchise?

Not only a fantastic business opportunity and a chance to work in a fun environment with a team of committed people but also:

  • Software package developed specifically for Mortgage Brokers
  • Yellow Pages - full page and first page for areas represented - currently Wellington and Auckland
  • Yellow Pages leads
  • Internet Yellow Pages
  • Internet Yellow Pages leads
  • Website - highly rated and top of Google - over 7,000 hits per month
  • Website leads
  • Most recognised Mortgage Broker brand after Pero's (recent Colmar Brunton survey)
  • Access to Approved Auckland and Wellington office premises and interview rooms
  • Access to subsidised office equipment and furniture in the Auckland and Wellington offices
  • Toll free number
  • Personal live answer service
  • Weekly sales meetings
  • Monthly National franchisee meeting
  • Monthly meeting with Approved representative
  • Free access to PLAN software system that retails to individual and small broker groups at 20% of revenues
  • On-going support and mentoring
  • Quarterly design, editorial, development and dispatch of 'The Homeowner' client newsletter
  • Individually franchisee labelling on 'The Homeowner' newsletter
  • Mortgage and insurance commission collection, processing and payment
  • Branded stationery
  • Branded merchandising
  • National marketing, branding and PR
  • Business planning and support
  • Sales management system, analysis, and information
  • Accredited training programme
  • Joint field work
  • Individual franchise owners all under the one umbrella business to network and share ideas with
  • Annual conference for franchisees which is heavilyl subsidised
  • Priority broker status with many lenders and insurers due to overall production
  • Internet based Fire and General Insurance product through Aon
  • Maximum commission payments from lenders and insurers
  • Young, dynamic and progressive management team and franchisees
  • Top 10 mortgage broker in NZ - Top 5 in Auckland, Top 5 in Wellington
  • Access to Approved Books, CD, tape and vidoe library

"The sort of people we need are those who relish a challenge and enjoy working with a team of committed, fun, and supportive professionals." says Dave.

Success of our franchisees

CEO Dave Shatford said "Our goals is to be the number one choice Mortgage Broker in New Zealand for both customers and suppliers, and our research tells us we are on track to achieving that. As an example, three of our franchisees (Sonya Reid and Richard Sladden of Wellington and Stephen Clarke of Auckland) were recently nominated by PLAN (Professional Lenders Association Network of New Zealand) as regional finalists for 'Up and Coming Broker of the Year' awards and two of the three (Sonya and Stephen) won their respective region awards.

These awards were based on both the quality and volume" he said.

Our newest franchisee's comments

The latest franchisees to join are a real family affair; father and daughter team, Graeme and Kelly McGillivray and Kelly's partner, Matt Jones. Matt and Kelly have recently returned from the UK where Kelly and British-born Matt have spent the last five years.

Whilst there, Kelly was involved in Public Relations and Marketing for an international property advisory firm and an architectural design company and Matt was involved in project management within the pharmaceuticals industry. Graeme has been a keen property investor for many years and left an established career in Information Technology industry to follow his property investment passion and set up a business of his own. The Approved franchise gave him an opportunity to do just that.

With Kelly and Matt also keen to get into business, the franchise system gives them the means to operate a fully fledged company from scratch and become involved in all elements of running a business.

Graeme comments, "After doing due-diligence on 6 different franchise systems, we decided on Approved as the company that best matched our business model. We look forward to growing our franchisee business and working with the Approved team."

Contact us for more information

Dave Shatford
Approved Mortgage Brokers
Phone 09 379 9090
Fax 09 379 9080

Physical: Level 6, 52 Swanson Street, Auckland City
Postal: P.O Box 1195, Shortland Street, Auckland City

Email info@approved.co.nz

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