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NZ Home Buyers Guide
Here we look at the types of ownership and what to look for when buying your first home.

Guide to applying for a NZ home loan
This 5 step guide outlines what you will need to prepare and what we will do to assist you with your mortgage application.

NZ Mortgage Repayment Calculator
Calculate your monthly or fortnightly repayments with this mortgage repayment calculator.

Want to buy NZ Property but live Overseas?
At Approved we have many off-shore clients - Expatriate Kiwis and people looking to emigrate or invest in New Zealand.

NZ Bank Fees
Here we look at the various fees associated with mortgage finance.

The Legal Process
See how the legal process works when purchasing a property

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Saving & Investing
  After being mortgage brokers for many years it becomes apparent that it does not matter what your income is?it's what you do with your income that really counts. Full story...

Why buy NZ Rental Property?
Here we look at the advantages of investing in New Zealand rental property and why the current demand is so high.

Why Have an LAQC as your Investment Vehicle?
If you are investing in rental property in New Zealand you may benefit by setting up a Loss Attributing Qualifying Company.


Resources for Investing and Saving

New Zealand Investment Property and Mortgages for Overseas Buyers

At Approved Mortgage Brokers Ltd we have many off-shore clients.

Our off-shore clients buy for a variety of reasons, for example, expatriates who intend to return to New Zealand at some stage but wish to buy now, expatriates that have higher incomes overseas and wish to put that income to good use, non-residents who wish to emigrate to New Zealand and of course people who think that NZ offers great opportunities for property investment - nil capital gains taxes, no stamp duties, and generous depreciation schedules make NZ a great place to invest in property!

Differences Between Off-shore buyers and New Zealand-based buyers

The main difference is the deposit size. Normally in New Zealand you would only require a 5% deposit. If your income is sourced from outside New Zealand however, you will generally require a 20% deposit, however some banks are more flexible than this if you have a high level of income.

Generally, the other aspects of the deal remain the same, the banks will want to know that you can service the mortgage, that you are of sound character, and have a deposit.

Whether you are a kiwi living abroad or looking to emigrate to New Zealand we can help wherever you are in the world. Fill out our overseas buyers enquiry form for more information on how we can assist you.

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